Good and Bad Sides of Bottled Water

Bottled water usually has some sodium mixed in with it.  While the amount is small (generally around 75 milligrams), it still states that the water is not entirely pure. Then again, however, neither is tap water. Tap water usually has added fluoride which raises gum and teeth health. Bottled water does not offer this, so health buffs may not be as eager to go for the bottled alternative.

Although this isn’t as serious a problem anymore, there were cases in the past where leaving a previously opened bottle of water slightly capped, but not all the way, created a breeding ground for bacteria. This would only happen after it was left out for days, but it is still a possibility. Always be sure to cap your water entirely, and to store it in a chilled environment.

In reality, those are truly the only downsides you face when using bottled water. It is not as healthy for the environment (although you can greatly help this by being sure to recycle), and you may be uncomfortable with some of the added chemicals, or lack of chemicals. Those aside, you’re looking at all good things. So, let’s take a moment and talk about those.

First and foremost, the best thing about bottled water is the portability. Many of us live a life that keeps us busy. We’re always on the move, and taking the time to look for a water fountain can be out of the question. However, if we be sure to always carry a bottle of water or two, our problem is solved. No longer do we need to try and talk on the phone while silently drinking from the park drinking fountain.

Bottled water can also save money.  When we are on the run, we often just grab whatever is most convenient.  Sometimes, that is an expensive soda or coffee when, if we were to have a bottle of water on hand, we’d be set.

Some people prefer variety.  While tap water constant spurts out the same thing, bottled water comes in many different types. There are various flavors of water available, to suit whatever your preferences are. There are also energizing waters for those of us who need that extra boost during a long day, and also relaxing waters to aid in falling asleep. Bottled water also lacks that heavy stench of chlorine that often accompanies plain tap water.

What this research shows is that, while there are certainly pros and cons to drinking bottled water, there is nothing so powerful in either argument to make one stance “right” and one stance “wrong”. This all falls to personal preference. So long as you are sure to recycle the plastic bottles, there is no real reason to abstain from making using of the convenience of bottled water. However, just to be safe, you should always be sure that the cap is securely on the lid to avoid the rare but possible dangers of growing bacteria.

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